Scientific Program

Electrochemical Deposition for Semiconductor and Green Energy

s1 Semiconductors
– Process and material designs for metallization and deposition in IC chip and semiconductor industries

• Copper and cobalt metallization for semiconductors – etching, polishing, interconnect, Damascene process.
• Electrodeposition, electroless deposition, additives and formulation for 2.5 and 3D IC chip stacking, fan-out WLP (PLP) metallization, through-silicon via and copper pillar.
• Static or dynamic metal deposition for advanced semiconductor industries.

s2 Energy Conversion
– Hydrogen evolution, Oxygen evolution/reduction, Photovoltaics, Photosynthesis

• Metallic active-site deposition,
• Advanced metallic electrodes,
• Semiconductor-metal junction formation.

s3 Energy Storage
– Lithium ion batteries, Lithium metal batteries, Anode-free batteries, Metal air batteries, Na/Mg/Al …related batteries, and capacitors

• Dendrite growth and suppression,
• In-situ/in operando characterization techniques,
• Interfacial electrochemistry between electrode and electrolyte….