Scientific Scope

Semiconductor and green energy are two important pillars of tomorrow’s society. Electrochemical investigation of static or dynamic metal deposition plays a key role for the advancement of semiconductor industries. Interfacial electrochemistry of metal deposition between electrode and electrolyte in batteries governs the safety and performance in energy storage and is an example of recent interests. The program of TM 2020 Tainan includes important topics such as: a) Cu and Co metallization and electroless deposition for semiconductors; b) additives and formulation for 2.5 and 3D IC chip stacking and fan-out WLP (PLP) metallization; c) advanced metallic electrodes and semiconductor-metal junction formation for H2 evolution, O2 evolu- tion/reduction,photovoltaics,andphotosynthesis;d)dendritegrowthmonitoring and interfacial electrochemistry between electrode and electrolyte for metal ion batteries.